Welcome to the CULT of Covidianism

We Are In This Together

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Billions of people worldwide are now part of our community. The largest cult on earth. We believe, we pray, we preach the gospel and we adore our religion.


Our History

What we started in 2019 as a world panic for a heavy flue virus, turned into a totalitarian cult, we are proud to be the leaders in mass manipulation and social control by the means of psychological terror and self-enforced submission. We have managed to indoctrinate the masses into buying our message, group-think and hive-mindset. 

We have used all the media apparatus, the paid science organizations, pharma-politics, silicon valley players and Hollywood, all of this in alliance with health organizations, crisis actors, marketing agencies, and your own elected officials. We created an apocalyptic mediatic show, collapsed the economy, created millions of new homeless, made hospital patients sicker, inflated numbers (and continue to do so), we paid doctors and purchased bureaucrats everywhere, while suppressing all the other information around. We are making sure that those who seek for alternative information (known as "the truth")  are called Covid deniers, conspiranoids, antivaxxers and more names that we come out with every day.

Our Covidian followers

Our followers exists in all nations of earth, just like the Jehovah Witness, the difference is that our followers bought into the cult with little resistance. Our followers are young and old, they enforce the rules on each other, so no need to create actual laws. Covidians come in multiple races and have backgrounds in other religions, however they have few thing in common, they are mostly hard core TV addicts, mainstreamers, pop culture buyers and social media addicts. They are gullible and highly influenceable people with short memory, lack of historical background, and blind trust for ThaScience™.

They follow our commandments of our Gods, the gospels of Covidianism and the products we sell to them such as the vaxines and the vaxports. The next product will be concentration camps for those deniers.

Our Gods

Like any other religion, there are gods in the Covidianism, the main GOD we have is "ThaScience™" God, this is the all powerful God that knows everything about what's better for you unquestionably. The smaller Gods are the big pharmaceutical cartels, so we have Pfizer, Moderna, JJ and AstraZeneca.

Our preachers

We call our preachers "The Experts™" but the big Vatican of Covidianism is the World Health Organization, from there, we have the Covidian Popes, and other priests, from athletes to Instagram influencers, we made sure our cult marketing works like clockwork and there is not a lack of cultism super spreaders.

Who are our priests? 

*you are one
*The mainstream media and all the main news aggregators 
*All the G7 presidents also known as the "commissioners" 
*All the health officers and health ministers known as the "handlers"

Our Commandments

Any religion has commands, just like any religion has actions to take in order to keep the cult going. Here the commandments: 

*I will be double or tripled or quadrupled vaccinated, will wear a mask, I will obey the lords in the TV. 

*I won't ever question the narrative of the media, I will never question ThaScience and will never question the safety of vaccines, any deaths resulting of the vaccine, will be the price we have to pay for our own good 

*I will make Covid the center of our focus, it will be the main topic of my conversations and I will spread the vaccine gospel wherever I gods 

*I will wear a face covering regardless if there is virus, or if there is no virus, outside or inside, vaxxed or not, because I can recognize my brothers and sisters of the cult. 

*I will proudly show my vax passport wherever I go, by doing so, I pledge alliance to the lords, the vaxport will be like the Christian cross, except that I'll do it in obedience an loyalty to my prime minister, president and health officer (the priests) 

*I shall shame and harass those who decide not to be part of the cult. 

*I shall forbid my family members for their heresy of not being vaccinated. I shall not allow them in my home. *I will take any order coming from myGods, TheScience and TheExperts

Our Prayers

Covidianism offers you some magic spells for you to pray, every morning and afternoon:

Lords of the UN

"Lords of the United Nations, keep us healthy and happy even if we own nothing and are dispossessed, tell us what to do"

Lord Pfizer

Lord Pfizer, you own the world health, tell us what injections to take, what drugs to consume, what medical treatments to take, experimental or not, we give our flesh for you.

Lord Faucci and Lords of health care

"Big lord doctor Faucci and all the health officers of the world, keep us safe and protected with the vaccines, we will obey you until the end, shall we not follow your orders we should be shammed and excluded"

Lords of the Media

"Lords of the media, we trust you every day to tell us the truth and to tell us what to do. Give us light to be happy even living in the lies"

People still ask: But how can you turn Science in favor of the cult?

This has to be the most hilarious question ever. Look... we did it with MONEY. This cult operates with TRILLIONS. Plain and simple. We use the tactics of the big mafia cartels  "Silver or Lead" so your doctor, your politician, the scientist of the TV , the pop-science magazine editor,  or government official simply has 2 options, receive money or get blackmailed.

Are you sold now? JOIN US